The East SXSW Q&A [Spoilers]Question: A lot of terrible things happen to Ellen in the movie, and one of my biggest fears is getting buried alive. What was it like for it to almost happen to you?
Ellen Page: I was in the pit. That was the first shot on the first day. And it was very very cold. And I was completely naked. And some poor woman was, like, putting flowers all around my... vageen. And it was like, nice to meet you, flowerist or whatever - What's that term? Florist? Thank you.
Brit Marling: And twelve people were staring down at you in the hole for two hours.
Ellen Page: But it was cool, like... [laughs]. Sometimes what's so cool about this job is like, you're lying naked in a deep hole in the ground and you're freezing, and like, your body is shaking, and you're looking up the side of the earth, and you're like... Wow. Probably in no other circumstance would I have the opportunity to just, like, feel this moment right now. So there's something really really cool about that, and really beautiful about that. And what's cool is when your body is shaking that much, and then at 'action' - you're still, and then 'cut' - you start shaking again, and you realise the power of the mind... [laughs] I'm getting really intense right now! That is my answer.
Alexander Skarsgard: It was also very inspiring. Like Ellen said, that was the morning of our first day, and everyone was there like, 'Alright, we're shooting an anarchist movie, this is gonna be cool'. And I think Ellen just set the tone, like, when she came out butt naked and just jumped into that pit. It was freezing cold and she was just still there. You can see that in the scene. But it really got to us. We were standing there around that hole and she looked so... vulnerable. She was dead.
Brit Marling: And the next day, when we had to bathe each other, nobody could be like, 'Oh, I'll take the nudie cover!' It was like, everyone had to get naked, get in the water and scrub each other down because Ellen did it on the first day.
Ellen Page: I just love getting naked.

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